Welcome to Dyna-Tech Adhesives

Dyna-Tech Adhesives, Inc. was founded in 1981 to manufacture environmentally friendly, rubber-resin, water-based, pressure sensitive adhesives for the tape, label and graphic arts industries.

A subsidiary of Rex-Hide Industries, Dyna-Tech pioneered and developed a new technology in rubber resin PSA’s to provide new opportunities in adhesive processing and performance for North American adhesive coaters. The advantages of these adhesive systems are their aggressive adhesion to a broad range of substrates, excellent converting properties and the ability to replace existing solvent-based rubber-resin adhesive systems. Through product innovation, technical support and unmatched customer service, Dyna-Tech has become one of the leading suppliers of rubber-resin water-based pressure sensitive adhesives in the world.

In 2007, Dyna-Tech acquired the QureTech division of K. J. Quinn, Inc. The acquisition expanded our product line by offering energy curable coatings and adhesives for a wide variety of end uses, including general packaging and FDA compliant packaging

As Dyna-Tech has grown, we have increased our product line from primarily rubber-resin emulsion PSA’s into new adhesive technologies for a wider variety of end use applications and improved performance. These include water-based acrylic, tackified acrylic and hybrid PSA’s, hot melt, packaging and bottle labeling adhesives, tackifier resin emulsions, and UV & EB coatings and adhesives.

We at Dyna-Tech view our customers as an extension of ourselves and we are committed to working with you, as a team, to meet the ever changing demands of the adhesive industry.

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