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Product Development | Dyna-Tech Adhesives

Product Development

Create value

Many of the product development projects at Dyna-Tech are customer driven. Since the specific product performance characteristics of these projects are well defined, the product development cycle from conception to commercialization is dramatically reduced. The streamlined approach allows our customers to go to market quickly and capitalize on opportunities in a more timely fashion. Further, this allows our customers to differentiate from their competition, creating value.

Dyna-Tech uses the same concepts for product development for the markets that they serve. Again, the rapid commercialization process allows Dyna-Tech to react quickly to changes in market demand and industry trends. Our customers know that when Dyna-Tech announces a new product, other adhesive suppliers will quickly follow. This creates value for those customers that we are technically aligned.

Adhesive Performance Solutions

Many customers contact Dyna-Tech to solve an adhesive performance problem with one of their current adhesives. The issue could be on a coater or laminator, causing high waste or low operating speeds. Or it could be an adhesive performance issue on the packaging line at the end user. We specialize in developing adhesives with custom coating packages that match your coater or laminator. We also offer unique adhesive technologies that will solve the most demanding labeling applications.

Unparalleled Technical Support

Our technical group personnel are knowledgeable and experts in their field. No one in the industry can provide answers to your questions and accurate analysis of samples quicker than we can. In addition, our manufacturing group is extremely flexible. This combination of technical expertise and operations efficiency allows Dyna-Tech to provide test quantities of the most complex adhesives and coatings very quickly. Our customers are constantly surprised how quickly we can respond to these requests. Many have told us that our technical support is exceptional and the best in the industry.

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