CoStick Cold seal or cohesive packaging

CoStick – Cold seal or cohesive packaging products.                                                                                                           
CoStick is a either a natural latex or synthetic and natural latex blend product designed for use in industrial packaging. After drying, cohesives produce a non-sticky film, which when applied to itself, creates an instant and aggressive bond.


pdf-icon CoStick Product Selection Guide

CoStick 444NS  General purpose – for industrial and packaging films such as PET, PP and LDPE.

CoStick 620NS  A blend of natural latex and synthetic polymers to produce a cohesive for industrial packaging.

CoStick 626N   A natural latex based, general purpose, cohesive. Uses include self seal envelopes, corrugated box seals and specialty papers and films.

CoStick 628S  Food grade – synthetic for various films.

CoStick 646S  Medical grade – synthetic for specialty papers.

CoStick 701NS  General purpose – natural/synthetic for confectionary foil and films.

CoStick 7140  General purpose – natural for corrugated paper, business forms and envelopes.

CoStick 778NS  General purpose – synthetic for paperboard.

CoStick 1101N A water-based natural latex contact adhesive designed to produce instant bonding
between paper and paperboard substrates.



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