Hot Melt

DynaHM – Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives
Rubber based products designed to flow at elevated temperatures. They have aggressive initial tack and excellent adhesion to a variety of difficult surfaces.

pdf-iconDynaHM Product Selection Guide

  • Waxy Corrugated
  • Dairy Label
  • Tire Label
  • Freezer Grade
  • Fruit Label
  • Carton Sealing
FlexMelt Hot melt packaging adhesives
Flexmelt products are developed primarily for use in the packaging industry. They are often fast setting, excellent for carton sealing applications. They also offer good water resistance and superior adhesion to a variety of surfaces used for high quality graphic cartons.

pdf-iconFlexMelt Product Selection Guide

  • LDPE, HDPE, and corrugated
  • Dog Food bags
  • Carton Sealing

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