FlexTac – General Purpose Packaging Adhesives                                                                                                          
FlexTac products are designed industrial packaging applications. The products have excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces including paper, board, films and vinyl.

pdf-icon FlexTac Product Selection Guide

FlexTac 250  A general purpose glue lap adhesive for paper lamination – corrugated, clay coated, lightly coated chipboard.

FlexTac 7425  A bailing adhesive for recycled paper and board.

FlexTac 7426  A general purpose glue lap adhesive for corrugated boards and films.

FlexTac 7449  A general purpose glue lap water resistant adhesive for clay coated and polycoated chipboard.

FlexTac 7450  A laminating adhesive for single faced corrugated laminating.

FlexTac 7457  An adhesive for tube winding and corrugated build up pad.

FlexTac 7458  A glue lap adhesive for “wet” or cold glue laminations.

FlexTac 7476 A high performance vinyl acetate copolymer based emulsion adhesive developed primarily for use as a glue lap adhesive on folding cartons.

FlexTac 7486  An adhesive for kraft based honeycomb, low cost build up pads, tube-winding.

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