Packaging Coatings and Adhesives


A non-sticky film that only adheres to itself

UV Top Coating

Ultra-Violet light curable coatings with different levels of gloss, scuff resistance, coefficient of friction, printability, slight angles, and migration of residual components

EB Top Coating

Electron beam curable coatings with specific features. In general, UV coatings can be formulated for EB and visa versa.

Water Based Top Coating

Thermal curable water based top coatings with particular features.

UV Primer

Energy curable primer for paper

Water Based Primer

Thermal curable primer for paper

UV Laminating

Ultra-Violet light curable adhesives designed for laminating applications


Ultra-Violet light curable pressure sensitive adhesives


Ultra-Violet curable adhesives for the DieLESS foil process

Breakaway Coupons

Water based primer and coating for instant redeemable coupons

Bottle Labeling

Adhering paper labels to glass bottles

Carton Sealing

Hot melt adhesives used in packaging applications

White Glues

Water based white glues used in packaging applications

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