Pressure Sensitive Adhesives


Both self-wound tapes and tapes with poly or paper carriers

General Purpose Permanent

Excellent adhesion to paperboard, corrugated, HDPE, LDPE, polyesters, and polypropylene

Dairy Label

Low application temperature range for dairy and deli label applications


Wide range of removability including low, medium, and high tack for applications from post-it notes to shelf labels

All Temp / Freezer

Broad application temperature range for labels used in freezers and cold temperatures


Aggressive tack for industrial applications and/or require chemical resistance or water resistance such as fabrication, mounting and assembly applications, tapes, battery labels, and cellophane windows for folding carton.

Tire Label

Adhesion to low energy surfaces such as LDPE, HDPE, and tires

Direct Food Contact

Complies with 21CFR 175.125, direct food contact

Recycling Compatible

Verified as recycling compatible by testing in accordance with TLMI LRP-2 and meets the requirements of the TLMI RCA Specification.

Postage Stamps

Meets the United States Postal Specification USPS-P-1238F for “Environmental Benign Self Adhesive Postage Stamps”. 


Coats water clear with excellent resistance to discoloration upon aging

Acid Free

pH Neutral for clear label applications

Clear Films

Optical clarity for no label look applications


Excellent plasticizer resistant for PVC labels

Water Resistant

Resistance to water and contains a vapor barrier

Static Cling

Low tack for static cling and protective masking applications

Skin Contact

Non-Irritant per 16CFR1500.3(c)(4), OECD Guideline 404 (skin, species: rabbit), OECD Guideline 405 (eye, species: rabbit) and the North American Toxicological Risk Assessment. (TRA)


Heat resistant and ooze resistant for use in laser and integrated business forms applications


Dries white for good opacity


Bonding difficult substrates for blister pack applications


Complies with REACH legislation

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